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Discreet Investigations provides attorney investigative services for both Criminal Defense and Civil Case Attorneys.

Our professional pre-trial and litigation support services include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Civil & Criminal Litigation Support
  2. Witness Background Investigations
  3. Location of Witnesses
  4. Interview Witnesses and Potential Witnesses
  5. Vetting of Witnesses and Potential Witnesses
  6. Obtain Written or Recorded Sworn Witness Statements
  7. Comprehensive Background Checks
  8. Court Record Searches
  9. Motor Vehicle Records
10. Activity Checks
11. Day & Night Surveillance Operations
12. Service of Process (Licensed in all 254 counties Lic#SCH3034)
13. Infidelity and Child Custody Investigations

Discreet Investigations is authorized by the Bexar County Criminal Courts System to perform investigations in support of court-appointed defense attorneys.

Discreet Investigations is fully licensed and insured for our client's protection.
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