"Do You Trust Them?"     

Discreet Investigations is a full service San Antonio Investigations Company established in Dec of 2007 in the San Antonio, TX area. We provide discreet, professional investigative services for insurance carriers, third party administrators, government municipalities, law firms, self insured corporations and private citizens. We have the resources and experience to handle all your investigative needs, no matter how large or small they may seem.

Discreet Investigations covers all 254 counties in the State of Texas. We have the ability to handle cases involving workman's comp, insurance liability, background checks (criminal, civil and asset), domestic cases (cheating spouses or significant other and child custody) and skip-tracing (locate witnesses, deadbeat spouses), just to mention a few. We can provide big company results at a small company price.

Discreet Investigations charges a flat hourly rate on all surveillance cases and there are never any hidden fees. Cases are handled in a professional timely manner and at the direction of the client.

Discreet Investigations is fully licensed and insured for the protection of our clients.

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